Haulog simplifies logistics operations by providing end-to-end visibility with a cloud-based freight management software. Our advanced technology optimizes pricing and shipping, streamlines workflows, and enables data-backed decisions. With Haulog, you can easily book, track, and deliver your shipments, while achieving more with fewer resources.

Our platform is trusted by leading companies to adapt to any market condition.

Haulog offers unbeatable benefits for shippers and carriers:

  • Keep your profits intact with zero commission charges.
  • Take complete control of transportation collaboration and operations.
  • Make better decisions with transport insights and intelligence.
  • Scale your business and ship more products with fewer resources.
  • Receive proactive support until you achieve the desired results.

We offer a range of tools and services for freight scheduling and execution, carrier management, contract transportation, and freight service network optimization.

ShipperFMS - Freight Management Software for shippers and manufacturing businesses
Streamline your freight service operations and enhance your business performance

Invite transporters to bid on your shipments, compare rates, and access competitive spot rates for single and multiple mode services. Manage your transporter network, rate contracts, and important documents all in one place. With real-time tracking and valuable data insights, you can improve your shipping performance and take control of your business operations.

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CarrierTMS - Transport Management Software for Carriers and 3PL Providers
Manage loads from shippers and streamline your carrier operations

Handle loads from shippers and track assigned vehicles in real-time. Streamline quoting, contract rates, billing, and driver and vehicle management, all in one place. Save on back-office expenses and deliver accurate information to your customers.

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